Business Art Fair - Presentation

The Salon Business Art presents numerous artists, the organizers aim at conciliating art, enterprise and humanitarian action.

Its plurality and large opening are its key points. While we are in an economic uncertainty, the Salon Business Art is a major event allowing access to contemporary art to everybody. Thus, it is about making various talents

discovered as well as initiating enterprises to sponsorship and to the purchase of art works. In fact, since the law of August 1st, 2003 concerning sponsorship, enterprises can benefit from new advantages on the purchase of art works. As for the Salon, it’s gathering artists sponsorised by enterprises for 60% of them.

Business Art is meant to be, mainly, a place of exchanges between the cultural actors, the world of enterprise and the public. Making art accessible, that is the Salon’s leitmotiv.
Everyone will be able to have a look, during those four days, at the richness and creativity of artists, most of them being independants.

The Salon benefits from a partnership with the art magazine La Gazette des Arts, published once every 3 months, sold at newsagents ‘, editing a special issue each year during the Salon, presenting a catalogue in which you will find all the artists and galleries on location during the event so that everyone may easily find one’s hot picks.